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Celebration of 4th International Day of Yoga 2018 in Copenhagen

Posted on: June 17, 2018 | Back | Print

The Embassy of India in Copenhagen organised the 4th International day of Yoga at the iconic King's Garden Park on 17 June 2018. About 300 eager Yoga enthusiasts joined in the event with Yoga teacher Rahul Alinje demonstrating the Common Yoga Protocol, which concluded with Shanti Prarthna. This was followed by demonstrations of various aspects of Yoga, provided by Art of Living, Natha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Brahma Kumaris, and Amrita Yoga. The event concluded with yet another lucky winner of a return ticket to India, sponsored by Air India. There was enthusiastic participation at the event from a broad cross-section of Danish society that included Danish Yoga practitioners, students, prominent members of Indian Associations, representatives of Yoga institutes and members of the Danish Sports Yoga Federation.

Copenhagen: Celebration of International day Of Yoga 2018 

Aarhus: Celebration Of International day Of Yoga

Vejle: Celebration Of International Day Of Yoga 2018

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