About Us Library

All Danish Nationals, Indians holding permanent resident card, Students from universities/schools are welcome to visit our library. Our library consists of over 3,500 books in Hindi and English on various topics like Indian History, Culture, Economy etc. Membership is not required for borrowing the books.

How I can Borrow?
Danish Citizens:
You can borrow books on submission of your Social Security card with contact address and telephone number to the Information Assistant.
Indian nationals living permanently in Denmark:
You can borrow books on submission of your identity card / permanent residency card with full residential address.

University/School students:
You can simply submit a certificate from your institution stating that you are a student of the institution or you can submit yout Danish CPR card with Address and Telephone numbers.

How Many Books at a time I can Borrow? 
You can borrow one book in Hindi and one book in English at a time to be returned in 15 days.

Is there any security deposit ?

Can I order through e-mail?
Yes, you can send the e-mail with name of the book you want to borrow. We will keep the book ready and you can collect the same while you visit us.

What are my responsibilities as a borrower?
You are responsible for return of the books on time
You are responsible for any damage or loss of books and you may have to pay the charges as fixed by the Embassy.
Parents and guardians are responsible for their children's selection and loss and damage of library books.

List of Books

Free Hindi books for Distribution