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 0930 hrs -1200 hrs (Monday to Friday)

Submission of the Visa applications and other consular services

0930 hrs -1200 hrs (Monday to Friday)

Picking up of Visa/Consular Documents


All visa enquiries should preferably be in English.
Please call the Embassy at telephone numbers given below between 1430 hours to 1630 hours only. Your cooperation in sticking to the time shall be appreciated.

+45 39 10 26 86

send e-mail at visa.copenhagen@mea.gov.in




The Embassy of India, Copenhagen would accept applications of only those who are resident in Denmark


Biometrics and interview will be compulsory for those who apply for 5 year Tourist or Business Visas


Postal applications will be accepted for issue of visa without biometric traits of the applicant


The Consular section may be closed for business on some days which may not be same as local holidays.  For complete list of Embassy holidays click here


All foreign nationals, including children must have a valid visa on passport to enter India. Children’s name registered in the passport of one of its parents is not acceptable


All eligible applicants are advised to apply for Visa before their departure to India


For submission of Regular Visa Application, please use the only authorized and genuine link ( http://indianvisaonline.gov.in) and click on the link Regular Visa Application




Original passport valid for at least 6 months more than the period of visa required


One recent colored passport size (5 cm x 5 cm) photograph showing the full view of the face in a plain background. (Scanned/Casual photographs will not be accepted.) The photograph should not be more than 6 months old. Only "studio" photos


Visa Application form is to be filled online with photograph and required fee paid. The application should be signed only by the applicant and not anyone else on his/her behalf, only exception being a parent signing for their small children who cannot signThereafter, print of the application along with photograph are to be submitted at the Embassy during working days to enable us issue the required visa.


Visa fees can be paid by Dankort at the Embassy or by bank transfer (Embassy of India Account No: 4001-11421733  with Danske Bank). The Embassy prefers that the visa fees is paid through the Dankort/Visa Dankort. If the applications are sent by post proof of paymentthrough the bank transfer should be sent along with the application.Postal Orders, bankers cheques and cash payments are no longer accepted. 
here to check the Visa Fees.


For applications submitted by post – a self addressed envelope with sufficient postal stamps should be enclosed. The Embassy prefers returning passports through Recommended/Registered Post. A copy of the Travel Plan should also be enclosed along with the Visa Application. Supporting documents might be required by the Embassy, where necessary


Visa Fee is subject to change. Please check the current fee from this website. 


Danish nationals


Approximately 5-7 clear working days for Tourist & Entry visas, if application is submitted at the counter in the Embassy


Approximately 5 clear working days for Business Visas if application is submitted at the counter


Approximately 2 weeks in respect of applications received by post




working days for applications submitted at the counter in the Embassy


Approximately 14 working days in respect of applications received by post


Travel Document and Alien Passport holders are directed to contact the Embassy regarding their applications prior to submission



The duration of validity for all types of visa starts from the date of issue


The Embassy reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning any reasons.


Visitors to restricted/protected areas need special permits and for this purpose an additional form has to be completed. Please contact the Embassy if you wish to ascertain whether any of the places you intend to visit fall in the category of restricted/protected areas. Special permits to visit restricted/protected areas can be obtained at the nearest FRRO.

Frequently asked questions relating to Visa

Q1:Does one need visa to visit India?
Ans:Yes, all foreigners except nationals of Nepal and Bhutan require visa to visit India.

Q2:Can visa be issued on arrival at Indian airport?
Ans:"Visa on arrival" facility click here

Q3:Does a person transiting through Indian airport for onward travel to third country require visa?
Ans:A person does not need visa if he remains within the premises of the airport and not going beyond immigration point of the airport. However, if one is required to leave the airport either to catch onward flight from domestic terminal or to stay in a hotel even for a few hours or for any other purposes, he/she needs to apply for a transit visa. Transit visa is issued for a maximum period of 72 hours on production of confirmed ticket for onward journey from India to third country. Transit visa has to be utilised within 15 days of its issue. For stay more than 72 hours, tourist visa would be required.

Q4:What are the types of visa and the documents required to apply those visas?
Ans:There are different types of visas such as Tourist, Transit, Business, Employment, Student, Conference, Journalist, Research, Diplomat /Official. Detailed information and requirements for those visas is indicated separately in the relevant column on this website.

Q5:Can tourist visa be extended while in India?
Ans:No, Tourist visa is non-extendable. Foreigner has to leave the country before the expiry of tourist visa.

Q6:Can employment/student visa be extended by Embassy of India, Copenhagen after the expiry of previous visa?
Ans:No, Embassy of India, Copenhagen can not extend employment/student visa nor issue a fresh visa after expiry of existing visa. The applicant has to apply for the extension of employment/student visa in India with the relevant supporting documents.

Q7:When the validity of visa starts?
Ans:The validity of visa starts from the date of issue. It does not start from the date of entry into India. For example, if a visa is issued on 10 April, 2012 for six months, its validity starts on 10 April, 2012 and expires on 9 October, 2012. One can visit and stay in India during that period only He/she has to complete outward journey from India on or before 9 October, 2012.

Q8:What period the passport should be valid while applying for visa?
Ans:The passport should be valid at least four months more than the period of visa applied for.

Q9:Do I need to make an appointment to submit visa application at the Embassy.
Ans:No, appointment is not required. The applicant can submit the visa application at the Embassy of India, Copenhagen between 9.30 Hrs to 1200 Hrs.

Q10:What is the normal processing time of visa?
Ans:The normal processing time of visa is 2-3 days, if all the documents are in order. The passport with visa is delivered in the morning every working day between 0930-1100 Hrs after it is ready. The processing of visa in respect of non-Danish citizens and Travel Document holders takes longer than usual time. Processing of certain cases involving consultation with Indian authorities may also take longer than the usual time.

Q11:What is the mode of payment of visa fees?
Ans:Visa fee can be paid at the Embassy through Dankort or bank transfer (Embassy of India Account No: 4001-11421733  with Danske Bank)

Q12:Can visa fee be refunded when someone later changes his/her mind to visit India?
Ans:No, visa processing fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Visa processing fee can not be refunded even when visa is refused.

Q13:Can a person staying outside Denmark apply for visa at Embassy of India, Copenhagen either through post or in person?
Ans:No, only person resident in Denmark can apply at Embassy of India, Copenhagen. Those staying outside Denmark should apply to the Indian Mission in that country.

Q14:Can non-Danish citizens staying in Denmark apply for visa at Embassy of India, Copenhagen?
Ans:Yes, non-Danish citizens staying in Denmark can apply for visa (short term visa not exceeding one year) at Embassy of India, Copenhagen. However, their minimum stay in Denmark should be more than two years with documentary proof to enable processing of visa. For stay less than 2 years, visa processing takes longer than the normal time.

Q15:Can a person resident in Denmark apply for visa by post? If so, what is the procedure?
Ans:Only applicants who are exempted from Biometric enrolment can apply by post. The payment has to be through Dankort or bank transfer (Embassy of India Account No: 4001-11421733  with Danske Bank)