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Important Instructions

Deposit the print out of online registered application form and other required documents in person/by post at the Embassy. In case of posted application a self -addressed stamped enevelope (of minimúm 33 DKK in case of ordinary post) of appropriate size should be submitted along with application. We would advise you to submit stamps worth recommended post (min 99 DKK).

1. Basic requirements (supporting documents etc.) along with the passport application should be noticed below in checklist for respective categories and submitted along with the print out of application form. The print out of Online Registration Form alone would not be accepted. Please submit a brief cover letter mentioning how long the applicant has resided in Denmark or abroad.

2. The applicant needs to submit the passport in original to the Embassy along with the application. One is supposed to make the travel plans/business trips accordingly. In case of extreme emergencies (for traveling to India), the applicant may email/call us and the issue can be resolved.  

3. Three photographs are needed with the application form; out of which one should be pasted on the form in the provided space.

4. Signatures should be confined to the prescribed box. In case of minors who cannot sign, his/her signature box must be filled as MINOR.

5. All the particulars (Name, Address, Parents’ names, DOB, POB, Date of issue, Date of expiry, File No. etc.) should exactly be filled as it is in the current passport. If any change/deviation in the particulars are required by the applicant, kindly submit a proof for the same along with your application. 

6. The signature on the application form should exactly match with the one on current passport unless changed in India with banks etc. following proper procedure. Applications found with difference in Signature on the form and the current passport might need to be filled again. 

7. Please do not use any special/Danish characters while filling the online form; these could lead to errors during the processing of your application. Please note that the letters ø,æ and å can be filled as Oe, Ae and Aa respectively.

8. Please check the photo specifications (provided with every category) before you paste the photographs and follow them strictly. Photographs, which do not match the specifications, will not be accepted.

9. If the applicant's residence permit is under renewal, please provide a copy of the letter, issued from SIRI (stating that your application for visa extension has been received) along with a letter from your employer having your work details/deputation letter/offer letter.

10. Please do not fold or staple the documents, even if sending through post.

11. The photocopies wherever required, should be submitted by the applicant whether applying in person or through post. Submitting the original documents and not the copies will be considered as an incomplete application. 

12. A passport expired more than six months back should be supported by a Self-Affidavit/undertaking explaining the circumstances and stating out the reasons for late submission.

13. Please note that if the supporting documents provided are not satisfactory, the applicant will be asked to provide further documentation. 

14. It is not obligatory to bring new born/minors at the time of submission of applications OR collection of passports. Either of the parents can come and get the service required for their children. Parents are requested to carry their photo ID proof while visiting on behalf of children.

15. It is an offence under the Passport Act, 1967 to furnish any false information or to suppress any material information with a view to obtain passport or any other travel document.