About Us Online Registration Form

Online Registration Form

Application form is to be filled online first. Form is available at www.passport.gov.in/nri/  named ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

Please select the Mission as Denmark-Copenhagen and select the appropriate service. For example;

1.    PASSPORT FOR CHILDREN UPTO 15 YEARS OF AGE for new born children in Denmark

2.    RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORT in case of normal re-issue of the expiring passport/change in name/change in address/change in appearance

3.    NEW PASSPORT IN LIEU OF LOST/DAMAGED PASSPORT when the passport is lost or stolen or is damaged

4.    RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORT  for minor children

Please notice that the form needs to be filled online and not downloaded.

After completing the registration, one PDF file (of 3 pages) is generated. Take a print out, sign in required columns and paste the photograph of specified size in the space provided.

The applicant needs to fill the remaining form by hand. Please write NA in the fields which are not relevant.