About Us Online Registration Form

Online Registration Form

Application form is to be filled online first. Form is available at embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ named ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

Please select the Mission as Denmark-Copenhagen and select the appropriate service. For example;

1.    PASSPORT FOR CHILDREN UPTO 15 YEARS OF AGE for new born children in Denmark

2.    RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORT in case of normal re-issue of the expiring passport/change in name/change in address/change in appearance

3.    NEW PASSPORT IN LIEU OF LOST/DAMAGED PASSPORT when the passport is lost or stolen or is damaged

4.    RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORT  for minor children

Please notice that the form needs to be filled online and not downloaded.

After completing the registration, one PDF file is generated. Take a print out, sign in required columns and paste the photograph of specified size in the space provided.