About Us Forms

1. Regular Visa application

·         Regular/Paper visa applicants need to apply for the Indian Visa through filling out Regular/Paper visa application form here

·         Additional Form for Applicants of Srilankan Origin (PDF format)

2. eVisa Application

  •  eVisa applicants need to apply  for the Indian visa through https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html Fill the eVisa form here 

3. Passport Forms:

4. Issue of Passport to New-Born Child and Birth Registration:

5. Miscellaneous Services:

·         Application Form for Miscellaneous Services on Indian Passports

·         Affidavit for Change of Maiden Name

·         Affidavit for Change of Name/Deed Poll/Sworn Affidavit

·         Affidavit for Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) Stamp

·         Affidavit

6. Solemnizing Marriage:

·         Draft Affidavit to be filled by parents of the bridegroom/bride on stamp paper issued by a notary and advocate

·         Declaration to be Made by The Bridegroom

·         Notice of Intended Marriage