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Supply of Oxygen and Nitrogen Determinator

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 Supply of Oxygen and Nitrogen Determinator

  Tender ID No.: 2019_CSIR_32458_1

Ref: Tender No. Enquiry No.NML-FG/AAC-AKU/23-19, Date: 23/09/2019

E-Tenders are invited through Central Public Procurement Portal (www.etenders.gov.in) under Two-bid system (Technical bid & Financial bid) from reputed Equipment Manufacturers / Indian Authorized Agents of Foreign Suppliers for the procurement of Oxygen and Nitrogen Determinator.The tender documents can be downloaded from the above CPP Portal free of cost and only enrolled / registered bidders with the portal would be allowed to participate in the tendering process. A copy of tender document is also available on our website www.nmlindia.org. A copy of the bidding document is attached herewith for your information.

Critical Dates & Time:

Bidding Document Publishing Date and Time

23/09/2019      6.55 PM

Document Download Start Date and Time

23/09/2019      6.55 PM

Seek Clarification Start Date and Time

23/09/2019      6.55 PM

Seek Clarification End Date and Time

30/09/2019      6.30 PM

Bid Submission Start Date and Time

03/10/2019      9.00 AM

Bid Submission End Date and Time

23/10/2019      3.30 PM

Bid Opening Date and Time

24/10/2019      3.30 PM