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Tender for supply of Microwave Digestion Table-Top System

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Tender for supply of Microwave Digestion Table-Top System

Ref: Our Enquiry No. NML-FG/MER-ABHI/42-19, Date: 05/11/2019

Tender ID No.: 2019_CSIR_489921_1

Tenders are invited against our Tender Enquiry No.  NML-FG/MER-ABHI/42-19, Date: 05/11/2019 for supply of Microwave Digestion Table-Top System published on  CPPP ( www.eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app ) and  www.nmlindia.org/purchase/Purchase.html.

The bids must be delivered on or before the due date as per the critical date and time sheet:

Bidding Document Publishing Date and Time

05/11/2019       06.30 PM

Document Download Start Date and Time

05/11/2019       06.30 PM

Seek Clarification Start Date and Time

05/11/2019       06.30 PM

Seek Clarification End Date and Time

11/11/2019       03.30 PM

Pre-Bid Conference Date and Time

18/11/2019       10.30 AM

Corrigendum (after Pre-Bid) Publishing Date and Time

22/11/2019       06.30 PM

Bid Submission Start Date and Time

25/11/2019       09.00 AM

Bid Submission End Date and Time

11/12/2019       03.30 PM

Bid Opening Date and Time

12/12/2019       03.30 PM

Please go through the attached Bidding Document for detailed information.

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