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Tender for Supply and Installation of Research-grade Polarizing Trinocular Petrological Microscope with Camera and Image analysis software by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (INDIAN SCHOOL OF MINES), DHANBAD

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Please find the Attached herewith document of NIT No: AGL-PRJ-GTE-213-20-21, dated: 16.09.2021 for wider Circulation.
  • All are requested to mention our file no. / NIT no. / Purchase Order no. in their e-mail.
  • For any payment issue, letters must be sent in hard copy with required documents in original as per purchase order (PO). On the cover, PO no. must be mentioned.
  • For submission of clarifications, letters along with desired attachments must be sent in hard copy. On the cover, NIT no. must be mentioned.